Are you proud to be an AMERICAN 
proud to be a CHRISTIAN ?
Get your own symbol of the Christian values that make America great
Do the barrage of attacks on Christianity and Patriotism in our country have you feeling frustrated, confused, scared, or just plain angry?
There IS an anti-Christian and anti-Patriotism war attacking our heritage today.

That heritage has been nailed down to a single sentence that angers all of our enemies
 Just four words...

"One Nation Under God"

Take a deep breath and relax, there is something we can do about this war.

With those 4 words we can work miracles.

Together, we can take aim at these attacks, and make our pride in our Christian heritage as clear as possible.

We can clear away any confusion and take a stand.

We can proudly declare our allegiance to the flag of the United States of America
to our Christian Faith.

Together, we can show that we STAND for our FLAG and KNEEL to our GOD !

This sticker is the symbol that puts our enemies on notice that we are proud of our heritage as

You can proudly display this sticker on your car, windows, and the front door of your home.

Get yours today, and maybe get some more for your family and friends.
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